Ask Me Another was an hour-long radio puzzle game show produced by National Public Radio. It was hosted by Canadian American comedian Ophira Eisenberg and featured as its "in-house musician" independent rock musician, Jonathan Coulton.

Time:30s - "Side-Splitting Game Night"

Voice: "Cant make it to game night this weekend? Have no fear, Ophira is here! Tune your dial to "Ask Me Another," the quirky quiz show with whimsical word games and intriguing trivia for your puzzling pleasure. Join Host Ophira Eisenbert every week for an assortment of side-splitting, high-energy entertainment on "Ask Me Another" Sunday afternoon at 2 beginning July 5th on WITF. The first question is: Are you game?"

Time-30s: "Uninhibited High-Energy Quiz Show"

Voice: "Looking for something slow, serene and soothing? Then look somewhere other than "Ask Me Another," NPR's high-energy, uninhibited quiz show featuring brainteasers and belly-laughs, plus jazzy tunes from musician Jonathan Coulton. Join host Ophira Eisenberg as she tests audience members, call-in contestants, and "Very Important Puzzlers" each week on "Ask Me Another" Sundays at 2 beginning July 5th on WITF.

Time-30s: "What Do These Things Have in Common?"

Voice: "What do the Backstreet Boys, decaffeinated coffee, and flamingoes have in common? Who knows!? Listen in each week to "Ask Me Another," the unconventional quiz show where there's no penalty for guessing-- and funny, clever answers will get you farther than facts! Tune in and shout out answers every week with "Ask Me Another" Sundays at 2 beginning July 5th right here on WITF."

Time-15s: "Curiously Wanting More"

Voice: "Tune into "Ask Me Another," a lively informal comedic quiz show that will leave you curiously wanting more-- Plus you might just learn something!.. Or you might not.. Either way you're sure to have a blast with "Ask Me Another" Sundays at 2 beginning July 5th on WITF."

Time-15s: "Brain Puzzled"

Voice: "Is your brain puzzled about how to stay entertained this weekend? If you're looking for a good time, Why not turn the dial to "Ask Me Another," an hour of trivia, brain teasers, word games and a whole lot of laughs with host Ophira Eisenbert for radio's most puzzling pleasure, "Ask Me Another" Sundays at 2 beginning July 5th on WITF."